Goodbye for Now, but… (“Sono Dio” Series, no.24) – PianoTweet 136

This PianoTweet is an extended one!
Because it’s the last one in this series.

At the start of this Series “Sono Dio”,
I promised to explain the construction of this Series.
It’s all based on the structure of
the harmonic keys in music theory.

These are the names of the basic 12 keys:

Fis or Ges (F sharp/G flat)
Cis or Des (C sharp/D flat),
Gis or As (G sharp/A flat),
Dis or Es (D sharp/E flat),
Ais or Bes (A sharp/B flat) and
Eis (E sharp) or F.

Both keys have a Major and a Minor “side”.
So all together it’s 12 times 2, which makes 24 keys.

This picture shows more theory:
I will not bother you with the details…

For me, following this circle of keys was the only thing to do
when thinking about which key to play.
And that’s a kind of luxury for me.

So, this Series has come to an end.
Ideas for new ones are growing.

I explained the deeper meaning of this Series at the Start:
> read more here <

To this Series I say:
Thank You,
you were a great opportunity and a
huge source of inspiration!


Goodbye for Now, but… (“Sono Dio” Series, no.24) – PianoTweet 136


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