Tenderness (“Sono Dio” Series, no.20) – PianoTweet 132

And the Series “Sono Dio” goes on…
Until no.24.
Then the Circle of Fifths is completed.
I’ll explain all about this Circle
in the text that will accompany this Series’ no.24.

Furthermore, there’s not much to “say” about this PianoTweet.

Tenderness is what
we want
to receive and
to give.
We need it.
It can save us all.

Enjoy today’s Tender PianoTweet!

Tenderness (“Sono Dio” Series, no.20) – PianoTweet 132

PianoTweet of the Month April 2011 – “A Memory” (extended version)

Proudly presenting a NEW PianoTweet of the Month!
It’s up to April 2011.

Let me write some of my thoughts about Memories in common.

Based on my own experiences – that are not scientificallly proved –
the memory in one’s mind changes during the time.

Some memories get worse, but very often they get better;
they brighten, our brains add more positivity, more romantics…

Each time we think of a particular event something changes.
As a protection for our consciousness?
Or to smooth over that what happened?

That explains why this Extended version of Pianotweet 99,
“A Memory” differs rather much from
the original, which I published April 9th.

Click the link and check it yourself:
you’ll hear how my memory of that day changed until now….

Enjoy this PianoTweet of the Month!

PianoTweet of the Month April 2011 – “A Memory” (extended version)