Life’s Horizon (“Sono Dio” Series, no.19) – PianoTweet 131

Life is like this PianoTweet.

Notes tied together, very close, almost intimate,
Communicating, playing, searching, discussing…

It’s so fast, so intense,
all notes got their own story,
at the same time
they are so close related to eachother.

Right at the moment
when you finally realize how it works;
it’s over.

So take care of every detail.
Listen carefully,
watch precisely,
observe with all your senses – especially with the 6th sense.

Keep your focus at Life’s Horizon;
where harmony is growing and enlargening.

In the meantime:
Enjoy this PianoTweet!

(“Sono Dio” Series, no.19) – PianoTweet 131