Positive in Minor (“Sono Dio” Series, no.16) – PianoTweet 128

In music, minor chords often are associated with
feelings and moods with a heavy, sad or melancholic charactre.
In previous PianoTweets I already told you about this assumption.

This PianoTweet however is a meant as a proof of the opposite.

Although it’s written in the key of A Minor,
it sounds positive – at least to my ears.
I played it with a happy feeling and quiet atmosphere inside of me.

It’s a challenge to demonstrate the other side of an opinion
that’s accepted in common sense.
To change the viewing angle,
create a contrasting musical image and
experience a new perspective.

Enjoy this Sunny Sunday PianoTweet!

Positive in Minor (“Sono Dio” Series, no.16) – PianoTweet 128