Source from Heaven (“Sono Dio” Series, no.15) – PianoTweet 127

My background, childhood and familiar education are heavily related to religion.
There was Good, there was Evil.
You got a white heart or a black heart.
There seemed to be nothing in between.

All the Good came from Heaven, from God – “Dio”
All the Evil from Hell, from Satan, the Devil.

Many, many years ago I said farewell to
the religious way of thinking, this way of judging life.

Now they say there’s no Heaven nor Hell…

But I can’t deny it seems there’s a Place,
very near or very far, probably simultaneously
that must be or that can be mentioned as “Heaven”.

All my inspiration comes from There.
It feels like Heaven.

Source from Heaven (“Sono Dio” Series, no.15) – PianoTweet 127