The Road to Liberty (“Sono Dio” Series, no.13) – PianoTweet 125

Today for all Dutch it’s Liberation Day;
the day after yesterday, Memorial Day.

There are many days I really do ask myself:
“In what way am I a free person?”
“What do I do to be free?”
“What do I do the moment I am really liberated?”

Liberty is not the same as simply doing what we want.
Liberty is Independence.
In thoughts, in speech, in making choices, in behaviour.

Liberty is Light.
And it is a Journey.
It’s not just a fixed point; it’s a Process.

We can’t even imagine yet
what it is to be really Free.
But we can go on, step by step.

EnJOIN this Road!

The Road to Liberty (“Sono Dio” Series, no.13) – PianoTweet 125