A Wink to Love (“Sono Dio” Series, no.11) – PianoTweet 123

Today no music for Obama’s life, nor for Osama’s death….
Because these horrifying facts and cynical fictions
happening on this level
do not contain any inspiration for me.

Today a PianoTweet for attentive listeners amongst you.

A famous melody is “hidden”; not really very well hidden.

It’s tempting to start with a few notes that open
a huge reservoir of memories for many of us.
But, of course,
the rest of the melody
moves away from the original theme.

On the other hand there is another “tone” in this PianoTweet,
reflecting a passionate and deep love.

Enjoy the melody, combinated with your own images and feelings!

A Wink to Love (“Sono Dio” Series, no.11) – PianoTweet 123