NEWS: PianoTweet of the Month – April 2011

Dear Listeners and Followers,

It’s time again to mention “PianoTweet of the Month”.
Next one is the month of April 2011.


  1. SEND an email to with the title of YOUR favourite PianoTweet of the month April 2011.
  2. Do this BEFORE the 6th of May.


  1. Within a few days after the 6th of May I will publish a complete NEW composition/variation on the PianoTweet that has been chosen as the
    PianoTweet of the MONTH.
  2. This variation will be a special one, i.e. it will be LONGER than 140 notes.

Good luck with making your choice and ENJOY!

TIP:  For an overview and help making your choice,
listen to all PianoTweets non stop here:

From X to Y (“Sono Dio” Series, no.10) – PianoTweet 122

When I play my piano,
I am the boss.
It’s me who decides.
I decide where it starts and where it ends.
It’s a mighty feeling, happy, energic, powerful.

I say to myself: ok, here’s X.
Today X is unquiet.
You can hear it in the beginning of this PianoTweet.

Then I decide:
And now it moves to Y.
Today Y is rest, harmony.
You can hear this PianoTweet moving from one point to another.

That’s what PianoTweets is about:
discoveries, development, processes, growth.


From X to Y (“Sono Dio” Series, no.10) – PianoTweet 122