C major Jubilation (“Sono Dio” Series, no.1) – PianoTweet 113

Today it’s Someone’s birthday.
Some years ago that “someone” looked me straight into the eyes and said:

“Sono Dio…”

I’ll never forget those simple words, spoken in Italian, meaning:
“I am God…”

Which impressed me deeply and which is true.
I understood the importance of these words.

We all can say: “Sono Dio”.
We are all part of a big system that makes Life what Life is.
That makes the Universe being the Universe.
The Universe is God, God is the Universe, we are the Universe.
It’s in us and it’s all around us.

Today PianoTweets starts the new Series “Sono Dio”!
Which is based on the musical universe of 24 modes.
The next 24 days all 24 keys (modes) are passing by.
The tonal musical system is based upon 12 basic keys:
And these 12 keys appear in a Major key as well as a Minor key.
So, 12 times 2 = 24.

We’ll start today, right from the starting point: C major.
And let’s also start with a Jubilation about the existing Universes!


C major Jubilation (“Sono Dio” Series no.1) – PianoTweet #113 (iPhone/iPad/non-Flash)

Voyage through Umbria – PianoTweet 112

Some of you, my dear listeners and followers,
know that I lived in Italy for almost three years.
Near a small but very beautiful town called Todi,
situated in the region Umbria in Central Italy.

Especially in spring my thoughts and emotions go back to that period.
Being my favorite season already, spring impressed me deeply.
Probably caused by it’s explosive character in creating new life.

I know the region Umbria well;
I travelled down from north to south and up again,
visited hidden villages, ancient towns, hills, even the mountains.
Both the touristic sites and the unknown places.

Very significant for the area is the Tiber, the famous river streaming to the southwest…
And the Apennine Mountains rising up in the eastern part…

During my stay I composed a Cd with musical impressions,
“Umbria Impressioni”;
music inspired by one of the most lovely parts of Italy.

But Umbria means a lot more to me.

There’s a particular site along the river Tiber, near a town called Orvieto,
that almost literally pulled me away from Holland down to Italy.
During a 2 weeks holiday I easily found it back.
In a split second I knew for sure I had lived there before –
during Another Life, about 2000 years ago.

Returning to that site, it felt like coming home.
Although there isn’t any possibility for a living right now.
I knew that place extremely well…
and I felt completely happy.

Voyage through Umbria – PianoTweet 112 (iPhone/iPad link)

Treasures – PianoTweet 111

It’s amazing what’s happening around me, around us…
Am I, are we arriving in an era of revelations?

An era full of:
Time Compression

It’s like finding one Treasure after the other.

My dear listeners,
we’re part of a very significant era
full of Treasures
A great opportunity is there

These treasures aren’t just for only one,
they’re at our disposition, to us all!

Treasures – PianoTweet 111 (iPhone link)

Could this be True? – PianoTweets 110

There’s always a BIG question.
Deep inside me.

Since my childhood, maybe a little bit later.
When I started making music.

When making music during those years,
I sometimes recorded it on a small cassette deck.
And the question was there.

Almost immediately.

Later on, the years were passing by,
I still recorded my music,
the equipment got better and better,
it went from analog to digital technology.
And the question was still there…

I asked myself and
I still always ask:

Is this music recorded
at the same moment
anywhere else –

Could this be True?
Why couldn’t this be True?

(and there’s no answer yet)

Could this be True? – PianoTweets 110 (iPhone link)

A PianoTweet ReTweetioned – PianoTweet 109

Nobody knows what that means: “ReTweetioned”.
Nor do I.

The only thing I know is that today was a real busy day.
And I didn’t have the time to prepare a brand new PianoTweet.

But you all, my dear listeners, know that the show must go on.
So do I.

And therefore I chose a PianoTweet that has been
composed before,
played before,
edited before,
published before,
mentioned before and
retweeted before –
more than 2 months ago.
So I pressume you will forgive me.

Besides, it’s one of my favorite melodies, especially the tone and the soft sound.
So now that you know this,
you’re probably going to listen more concentrated than other times…?

Anyway, enjoy!

A PianoTweet ReTweetioned – PianoTweet 109 (iPhone link)

Growing Omnidirectional (B flat minor Series, no.7) – PianoTweet 108

Next one of the B flat minor Series, right after Yesterday’s no. 6!

Of course, it’s no coincidence.
Like I’m convinced coincidence doesn’t exist.

This Series can grow like everything grows;
in any direction and in all directions.
That’s the meaning of Omni:

It’s my wish to grow in any direction,
that I can grow all the way around.
I mean, not in physical weight and volume 🙂

So, this Monday starts with an Omniwish!


Growing Omnidirectional (B flat minor Series, no.7) – PianoTweet 108 (iPhone link)

Just one in a Row (B flat minor Series, no.6) – PianoTweet 107

After some days of thorough reflection about what’s happening around us,
today’s music is a new one in a row that started many weeks ago.

There are listeners that remember previous PianoTweets
being part of “the B flat minor Series”.
The B flat minor key is one of my favorite keys.

During the months of February and March I published the first 5 of this Series.
You can find them following these links:

no. 1 “Harmless”
no. 2 “So Fragile”
no. 3 “Limited”
no. 4 “The Strength of Simplicity”
no. 5 “Highlighted”

Some of these were compiled in a YouTube video.

Today it’s the next one in this series that I already now do love so much…
for sure not the last one…!

Just one in a Row (B flat minor Series, no.6) – PianoTweet 107