The Idealist (“Sono Dio” Series, no.5) – PianoTweet 117

The Idealist in me is The Dreamer,
wishing all that seems impossible.

Food for everyone.
Enough to drink for everyone.
Peace everywhere.
An end on all suffering.
The ability to fly.
Travelling to Saturn in just 5 minutes.
The Perfect Love.
Being completely happy all day.
My music, your music in every corner of the Universe.
The soul as an eternal entity.

I believe
all imagines in our minds
all fantasies
all we ever wish
can be reality
It could exist
Beyond all the dimensions.

If I believe this,
there must be a possibility.

It’s great to be an Idealist.

The Idealist (“Sono Dio” Series, no.5) – PianoTweet 117 (non-flash)