Little Easter Sleep (“Sono Dio” Series, no.2) – PianoTweet 114

In our “Western Civilisation” most people are busy people.
Work, family, business, traffic, tons of information:
our days are full days.
For many of us it means less opportunities to rest.

With the music of PianoTweets you can take a little pause, a small break.
For a moment no pressure, no needs, just listen and breathe….

The Easter Days can make you consider to relax more in life.
Take more moments off, no more rush hours for a while.

This 2nd piece in the “Sono Dio” Series can help you
to realise what’s the meaning of this Series’ title “I am God”.

You can be God, your own God.

Finally some musical information before you close your eyes for half a minute:
This PianoTweet is written in G major,
the next key after yesterday’s C major piece.
Soon I’ll explain more about the key system of this brand new Series.


(“Sono Dio” Series no.2) – PianoTweet 114 (non flash version)