Exercise – PianoTweet #84

Part of the deal, my dear listeners,
is a glimpse into the world of PianoTweets.

Moods, impressions, thoughts and emotions,
but even the tuning of the piano as well,
like in “Harmless”, PianoTweet of 27th February.

And sometimes I do some exercises on the piano.
Usually I do not record them (maybe I should?)
But as soon as I start exercising
the challenges of making a new piece occur.

Like this one: it could grow up to a real composition.
Who knows, in future?


Exercise – PianoTweet #84 (iPhone link)

My Brother’s Pendulum – PianoTweet #83

I finally used my advantage as a PianoTweeter.
This is the first time my piano piece exceeded 140 notes.
Artistic Freedom, so they say.

I liked this improvisation so much in its pure form:
my heart would break if I would have cut notes,
so I decided to break my own rules…

Besides that and much more important than playing a “PianoTweetLonger”:

Today’s my younger brother’s birthday!

I dedicate this PianoTweet to him.
He is not able to hear this right now, probably later.

His life’s Pendulum has a different rhythm and a different beat,
almost as being part of another world.
But it’s so in harmony, so filled with melody:
he’s a person full of love and warmth.
I love him!


My Brother’s Pendulum – PianoTweet #83 (iPhone link)

Oriental Nutshell – PianoTweet #81

Today’s PianoTweet has an exotic title.
But my feelings while playing this piece were less exotic than you might pressume.

Again my emotions went to the people in Japan.

It’s a huge story:
deeply “moving” in more than one sense.
A story that doesn’t fit in a nutshell.

This music is so tiny and small
in comparison to what’s happening over there.

That’s what I wanted to express with this little tune.

Oriental Nutshell – PianoTweet #81 (iPhone link)

Energy Bubbles! – PianoTweet #80

Know these irregular movements?
In your stomach, your chest, your heart and head?
All over your body?
Filling up your mind?

Often I experience these sensations early in the morning.
Like an engine that is starting up,
a lot of ideas coming up,
many visions all the way.

And then it’s up to me
to give direction to all these Energy Bubbles…!

Join me and Enjoy!

Energy Bubbles – PianoTweet #80 (iPhone link)

I Tempi Diversi – PianoTweet #79

“Different Times” is the translation of the Italian expression “I Tempi Diversi”.

When listening to this PianoTweet you’ll hear
changes in dynamics
a change of speed
a change of atmosphere

It seems we live in a time
that Changes appear faster and deeper
It seems unbelievable
For many people
The changes are the beginning of the end of this life

Different Times were always there
and will always be there
We’re aware of it more than ever before
that everything will never be the same

I Tempi Diversi – PianoTweet #79 (iPhone link)

Echoes of the Unconscious – PianoTweet #78

It took me a while to add a title to this piece,
that reflects this particular state of mind of mine.

A state of mind that tells me that my Unconscious is working.

Rather often I ask the Unconscious to work for me:
the hidden but powerful engine that I’m not really aware of.

The Unconscious possesses all power and knowledge of a human being.
As well as motivations, blocks, blind spots and so on.
Which determines the way we think, feel and behave.

Maybe you’re willing to divide this association,
this musical translation I made about the source
that’s called the Uncounscious.
Whose Echoes arrive in the Conscious.

Echoes of the Unconscious – PianoTweet #78 (iPhone link)