A Fly on your Skin – PianoTweet #85

Today’s PianoTweet is a recommendation.

A little while ago I ordered some postcards.
In fact these postcards are photos taken by
Naomi, a photographer and artist.

What you see on the pictures are close ups of insects.
A fly, a grasshopper, dragonflies and more:
sitting on the photographers skin.

What you see is a breathtaking close view on nature.
The insects so fragile and so present at the same time,
with their tiny wings and transparent bodies, so beautiful.

Very inspiring images for me as a musician.

Take a look at Naomi’s site for the pictures; where they can be ordered as well.
the Green Dream Project by Naomi Reijnders

And here’s the music…

A Fly on your Skin – PianoTweet 85 (iPhone link)


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