PianoTweets postings & known e-mail bugs

To all email subscribers on Pianotweets

Dear Members,

It happens more than once that the same PianoTweet posting arrives two times in your mail inbox, or even three times.
At first I want to apologise for the inconvenience.

I contacted WordPress Support about this problem.
They know about the bug and their team is working on a solution.

So if you receive more than one posting of the same PianoTweet (see title!),
you can delete them all until one posting remains.
They’re all the same…

Have some patience, please!
There are always people behind every web project 🙂

With kindest regards,

Joost Brands
composer/pianist of PianoTweets.

Exercise – PianoTweet #84

Part of the deal, my dear listeners,
is a glimpse into the world of PianoTweets.

Moods, impressions, thoughts and emotions,
but even the tuning of the piano as well,
like in “Harmless”, PianoTweet of 27th February.

And sometimes I do some exercises on the piano.
Usually I do not record them (maybe I should?)
But as soon as I start exercising
the challenges of making a new piece occur.

Like this one: it could grow up to a real composition.
Who knows, in future?


Exercise – PianoTweet #84 (iPhone link)