My Brother’s Pendulum – PianoTweet #83

I finally used my advantage as a PianoTweeter.
This is the first time my piano piece exceeded 140 notes.
Artistic Freedom, so they say.

I liked this improvisation so much in its pure form:
my heart would break if I would have cut notes,
so I decided to break my own rules…

Besides that and much more important than playing a “PianoTweetLonger”:

Today’s my younger brother’s birthday!

I dedicate this PianoTweet to him.
He is not able to hear this right now, probably later.

His life’s Pendulum has a different rhythm and a different beat,
almost as being part of another world.
But it’s so in harmony, so filled with melody:
he’s a person full of love and warmth.
I love him!


My Brother’s Pendulum – PianoTweet #83 (iPhone link)