Mentioning Michael Nyman – PianoTweet #67

Let me explain some facts, my dear Listeners, about “The Making of the PianoTweets”.

My grandpiano, the instrument you hear in all PianoTweets, is placed in my studio,
which is not actually in my living room.
The location of the studio is some miles/kilometers out of the town where I live.
So, for “economy’s sake” I do not head for the studio every day.
I record some PianoTweets in advance: thinking of subjects, moods, news and actualities.

Last week, being in the studio to record some new PianoTweets,
I was thinking about great composers, especially those who composed great music for piano.

One of the names that came into my mind is Michael Nyman,
a famous composer of many beautiful melodies and songs.

This PianoTweet is an humble tribute to, a free association with his music.

Mentioning Michael Nyman – PianoTweet #67 (iPhone link)