Flash Variation – PianoTweet #53

You all have (probably) seen I write these accompanying
notes / introductions / warnings / stories / written thoughts –
or whatever you want to name it…

Now and then it’s hard to find a title for a PianoTweet.
I have to confess that.

Generally I know how to call the piece before I start playing on the grandpiano.
Or meanwhile playing a title “pops up” in my mind,
or during editing I invent a title.
There’s no fixed strategy in my way of creating all this.

This title “Flash Variation” actually means nothing specific.
It’s one of those titles that just popped up.

I think it fits well to the music.

But don’t ask me why.
Just Enjoy again!

Oh, by the way: did you notice this is PianoTweet #53?
It’s my age 🙂

Flash Variation – PianoTweet #53 (iPhone link)

Middle East Desert – PianoTweet #52

What goes on in the Middle East touches me deeply.

I was raised with some knowledge and consciousness about the Middle East.
Through the Bible, the Koran, the impressive history of the area.

This PianoTweet is called “Middle East Desert”.
Because so much is happening over there these days.
An area that’s pressumed dead, dumb, deaf and blind
by some fools
some low hearted people
in our country.

I feel ashamed about what has been said by those people.
They really don’t know what they’re talking about.
They don’t understand anything about deserts.

The Desert keeps treasures, secrets and history.
It keeps Life and Love deep inside.

So let’s support the people that own the Desert.
Those people fighting for their Freedom, their Lives.

The “pedal tone” in this PianoTweet
– the repeatedly played bass note –
stands for this enormous fight, this insisting desire to be Free.

The “big chords” express the Richness of history of the Middle East.
It’s great, knowing that the Middle East is part of our World!

Middle East Desert – PianoTweet #52 (iPhone link)

I do not agree – PianoTweet #51

“Hi, I am a Minor chord.
I uh, see…,
you must be a Major chord.

I must say, you look different, you sound different,
Actually, I’m not sure if I…”

“Hi, Minor Chord,
I’m a Major chord.

You should look more like me.
Then you would match better,
take place beside me more easily,
you would sound like me,
like they say: more bright…!
If not, you’d better go back where you came from”


“Well, Major Chord, that’s how you look to this composition.
I’ve been listening a while and I think
I am needed here and very important,
for balancing this piece, to give it a nuance,
give it more tension, expression, color…!

So, I do not agree: I’ll stay…!”

I do not agree – PianoTweet #51 (iPhone link)

So Fragile (B flat minor Series, no.2) – PianoTweets #50

PianoTweet #50!
Anniversary Day for PianoTweets.

This one is the 2nd in the new B flat minor Series,
that started the day before yesterday.
Because I simply felt it was about time to honour this beautiful and profound key.

Today’s B flat minor mood is fragile, hesitating, careful and asking…

Share this mood, feel this emotions.
They’re real and they’re part of many of us.

No further comments.

So Fragile (B flat minor Series, no.2) – PianoTweet #50 (iPhone link)

Moon in Progress – PianoTweet #49

Today it’s Full Moon!

When looking at the sky, we often can see the Moon.
Generally when it’s dark or almost dark – even when daylight is around us.
It’s clearly visible which “stadium” the Moon shows us.
Always in progress, either it’s growing or diminishing.

Like this PianoTweet.

It starts with a Chord Progression: from B minor to A major.
Like chords can perform a progression,
so does the Moon.
So can we People,
so does the Universe.

There is this basic movement, a profound thought.
The appearance is growing and diminishing.

Like this PianoTweet.


Moon in Progress – PianoTweet #49 (iPhone link)

Harmless! (B flat minor Series, no.1) – PianoTweet #48

Today, dear PianoTweet Listeners, I’m gonna play a bit with you 🙂

At first:
Today’s title “Harmless!” will be published in two versions:

  • version 1: including some piano tuning before the actual PianoTweet starts
  • version 2: no piano tuning before the PianoTweet starts.

But why two versions? That’s a reasonable question.
With a reasonable answer. Or two or more.

It wanted to let you hear how the tuning of one note goes.
Sometimes the tuning takes more time, this time it was easy.
Don’t worry, the tuning doesn’t take much time…

The other reason is an esthetical, more artistic one, that grew in my fantasy.

During a certain period that will about 2 weeks, maybe more,
you’re going to hear a first Series, a series of pieces that belong to each other.

So the tuning is a kind of an introduction to the whole Series.

Why a series?
Since many years I’m in love with the B flat minor key.
It’s a rich and very useful key. Full of expression and emotion.
And I would love to play endlessly in B flat minor…
Yesterday, when recording several new PianoTweets,
I decided to start recording this Series.

Here at home, they are all together: the B flat minor pieces of the Series!
You will hear them all: today it’s up to the first one.


Version 1
“Harmless!”, piano tuning included 
“Harmless!”, piano tuning included – PianoTweet #48 (iPhone link)

Version 2
“Harmless!”, piano tuning excluded 
“Harmless!”, piano tuning excluded – PianoTweet #48 (iPhone link)