To be Faithful – PianoTweet #57

You, my dear listeners, are given insights in my inner life through my music:
about causes that touch me, engage me, worry me, make me happy,
things that touch my emotions, my ratio, my thoughts.
I express all this by composing and playing short pieces of music called PianoTweets.
(and loads of other music that by far exceed those 140 notes)

Music contains an endless quantity of information.
Even a 140 notes piece of piano music.

However, there’s a thing I’m not sure about.

It could be there’s too much information for us people, in general.
There’s this Twitter thing that I like very much, of course.
There are so many different ways to gather and to explore information.

But is this My way?
Do my creative eruptions take part of an overall information overload?
What does a PianoTweet create?
An information burnout?

I want to be faithful to my PianoTweets.
I don’t want them to be left alone.
They belong to me, as a new born child.

To be Faithful – PianoTweet #57 (iPhone link)