NEWS: PianoTweet of the Month – February 2011

Dear Listeners and Followers,

I’m happy to present “PianoTweet of the month”.
This first one will be of the month February 2011.


  1. SEND an email to with the title of YOUR favourite PianoTweet of the month February 2011.
  2. Do this BEFORE the 3rd of March.


  1. Within a few days after the 3rd of March I will publish a complete NEW composition/variation on the PianoTweet that has been chosen as the
    PianoTweet of the MONTH.
  2. This variation will be a special one, i.e. it will be LONGER than 140 notes.

Good luck with making your choice and ENJOY!

The Waltz of the Tiny Snowflakes – PianoTweet #56

When I looked out of the window this morning,
I saw three, maybe four very small, tiny snowflakes.

Just some associations coming from my mind right now:

– Could have been the Last Snow for this year…

– Many people wanted the winter to last longer.

– Remember last year’s mountains of snow?

– When I was 18 years old and lived in Norway for two years,
I went to school gliding on skis through the centre of the city Oslo!

Enjoy this Waltz!

The Waltz of the Tiny Snowflakes – PianoTweet #56 (iPhone link)