Sarah’s Hand – PianoTweet #55

Sarah is Somebody’s daughter.
This “Somebody” is a very sweet friend of mine.
This Friend ordered a PianoTweet for Sarah.
Because today it’s Sarah’s birthday!
That’s the circle.

A few days ago I met Sarah.
She kind of “flew” inside, full of Light and Energy.

Then I shooke hands with Sarah.

I felt a joyful and powerful pressure from her hand.
I was impressed.
It doesn’t happen very often,
feeling such a handshake.

So, when I think of Sarah, I think of her Hand.

And enjoy this PianoTweet!

Sarah’s Hand – PianoTweet #55 (iPhone link)

3 thoughts on “Sarah’s Hand – PianoTweet #55

  1. Far away from my daughter, somewhere where it’s warm, I’m listening to the tropical birds and this Pianotweet. Sharing a moment with my daughter Sarah!
    Thank you Joost 🙂

    • The message is slowly sinking down in understanding. I read and heard it yesterday, late after work. And now I read it again, with these words from My mammie, I feel such love for my mother. Dank je wel voor dit fijne Klinkende cadeau.
      Joost, congratulations with your website and work. You live your spirit. Thank you. I felt your handshake one of the strongest I ever felt. So I answered 🙂


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