Flash Variation – PianoTweet #53

You all have (probably) seen I write these accompanying
notes / introductions / warnings / stories / written thoughts –
or whatever you want to name it…

Now and then it’s hard to find a title for a PianoTweet.
I have to confess that.

Generally I know how to call the piece before I start playing on the grandpiano.
Or meanwhile playing a title “pops up” in my mind,
or during editing I invent a title.
There’s no fixed strategy in my way of creating all this.

This title “Flash Variation” actually means nothing specific.
It’s one of those titles that just popped up.

I think it fits well to the music.

But don’t ask me why.
Just Enjoy again!

Oh, by the way: did you notice this is PianoTweet #53?
It’s my age 🙂

Flash Variation – PianoTweet #53 (iPhone link)