Harmless! (B flat minor Series, no.1) – PianoTweet #48

Today, dear PianoTweet Listeners, I’m gonna play a bit with you 🙂

At first:
Today’s title “Harmless!” will be published in two versions:

  • version 1: including some piano tuning before the actual PianoTweet starts
  • version 2: no piano tuning before the PianoTweet starts.

But why two versions? That’s a reasonable question.
With a reasonable answer. Or two or more.

It wanted to let you hear how the tuning of one note goes.
Sometimes the tuning takes more time, this time it was easy.
Don’t worry, the tuning doesn’t take much time…

The other reason is an esthetical, more artistic one, that grew in my fantasy.

During a certain period that will about 2 weeks, maybe more,
you’re going to hear a first Series, a series of pieces that belong to each other.

So the tuning is a kind of an introduction to the whole Series.

Why a series?
Since many years I’m in love with the B flat minor key.
It’s a rich and very useful key. Full of expression and emotion.
And I would love to play endlessly in B flat minor…
Yesterday, when recording several new PianoTweets,
I decided to start recording this Series.

Here at home, they are all together: the B flat minor pieces of the Series!
You will hear them all: today it’s up to the first one.


Version 1
“Harmless!”, piano tuning included 
“Harmless!”, piano tuning included – PianoTweet #48 (iPhone link)

Version 2
“Harmless!”, piano tuning excluded 
“Harmless!”, piano tuning excluded – PianoTweet #48 (iPhone link)