Coming Home – PianoTweet #41

Last few months I got much more active on Twitter.
Particularly right now – with the PianoTweets Project.

I met some sweet and great people.
You probably know how it works:
in a short time you meet a “friend” (or a follower, if you like).
that friend has a friend that has another friend.

And suddenly you write and write and write…

Some weeks ago I found a real new friend.
Who has a friend that became a friend this week.
So two friends who really turned out to be Friends…
I never met them, but to me they behave like real Friends

I told one of them a very special story, about something that happened in my life, years ago.
I was searching for a particular place in this world, and I found it.
It was like coming home.
The whole story is by far too long for now…

And now, with this medium, and finding these Friends… somehow…
it feels like Coming Home.

There’s an amazing exchange of Energy.
It makes me very happy.

Enjoy today’s PianoTweet!

Coming Home – PianoTweet #41 (iPhone link)