Our First Appointment – PianoTweet #37

Full and bright chords today! All F minor related.
This piece represents the overwhelming feeling of stumbling upon somebody or something very impressive…

It can be a planned appointment, or one that seems to happen by accident. Not necessarily with a person.
It also can be an unplanned arrival in a particular place, a sudden situation. Sometimes even an association with a “Déjà Vú”?

Let me tell you what happened to me when I travelled around in Italy, in 1995.
I drove along a road besides the river Tiber, near Orvieto, and there was this curving road…
Suddenly there was a small gap in the mountains, a small parking place, a stunning beautiful view over the river:
I immediately stopped: I was convinced I had been here before – but not during this present life.
It felt like a first appointment: however, this one was a planned one from a former life, a past life.

The first appointment, is something unique.
It never can be done twice.
So remember to enjoy it completely; as if it might happen to you, maybe only today.

Enjoy a great Sunday, and this Appointment with PianoTweet #37!

Our First Appointment – PianoTweet #37 (iPhone link)