We have a Voice – PianoTweet #34

Like many other people, I watch the news about the revolution that’s taking place in Northern Africa.
Today the focus is on Egypt…
Yesterday it was on Tunisia…
What are we gonna see and hear tomorrow?

We People express our needs, our will, we explore our identity.
So do I.
We have numerous possibilities to do so: all modern techniques are available.
Because we all have a message.
We want to be seen, to be heard, showing our unicity to the World.

We People have a voice that should be heard.

This piece is the first one of all PianoTweets until now
that’s manipulated rather obvious with electronics.
Resulting in what could be mentioned a “soundscape”:
a short story in audio experience.

Enjoy another “Hearing Angle” from PianoTweets!

We have a Voice – PianoTweet #34 (iPhone link)