Una Via del Tevere – PianoTweet #18

Italy 2003.
I published my first album, called “Umbria Impressioni”.
The last track on that Cd is titled “Le Vie del Tevere”, which is italian for “The Ways of the River Tiber”, or “The Streams….”
A few years I lived nearby the Tiber, a beautiful river in Central Italy with a long history.
Many ways for a river to finally arrive in the sea.

You’ ll hear a very short variation on the main theme of the Cd track.
“Una Via” means “One Way”.
One of many ways for the whole river Tiber: so it can be a PianoTweet.

“Le Vie del Tevere” is written in A flat major.
For me a very expressive and soft sounding key, let me say, I love it!


Una Via del Tevere – PIanoTweet #18 (iPhone link)


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