Can You Forgive? – PianoTweet #20

Do you hear the Question?
Do you feel the Despair?
How I’m insisting?
To get rid of my Feelings of Guilt?
Take a moment, ask… and ask again.

I discovered that I sometimes really do need someone’s will to forgive me,
before I can go on with my life.
Isn’t that claiming another person?
A shift of responsibility?

The key of today’s PianoTweet is F minor,
which is parallel to A flat major, as used in PianoTweet nr 18.
It’s so near to each other:
One way, Una Via <–> Forgive me, Perdonami…

Forgive me this moment, letting me and my mind associate this way.
I feel free.
And Enjoy the music from @PianoTweets!

Can You Forgive? – PianoTweet #20 (iPhone link)


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